Correlation of Stock and Bond Returns Lingfeng Li 1 Department of
Economics International Center for Finance Yale University November 2002

Does Asset Allocation Policy Explain 40, 90, or 100 Percent of Performance? Roger G. Ibbotson

T-bond yields and equities: A nonlinear relationship

Fight the Fed Model: The Relationship Between Stock Market Yields, Bond Market Yields, and Future Returns

Barclay Group Research and paper

William J. Bernstein an industry legend

Dean LeBaron's Treasury of Investment Wisdom

Peter Bernstein "Financial markets are a kind of time machine that allows selling investors to compress the future into the present, and buying investors to stretch the present into the future."

Wall Street's Dirty Secret

 Currency Observations

 The Speculator (Victor Niederhoffer) How the Fed's moves shake markets

Is individual trading more coordinated than expected?

The Bond Market Trading king Bill Gross and his Investment Outlook:

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